Prevent millions more robocalls from heading your way!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is preparing to weaken an important law that protects consumers from spam phone calls (robocalls) and texts. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) currently regulates these communications to limit the annoying calls and texts you receive from con artists, creepy debt collectors and other characters each day.

The FCC is considering a change to the law: If you “consent” to receive automated calls from your healthcare provider or student loan servicer, you will have automatically consented to any and all robocalls, including from debt collectors—even when these calls have reached the wrong person.

Even worse? Your consent could never be revoked!

Powerful phone companies are urging the government to exclude robocalls from the TCPA definition of an “automatic telephone dialing system.” If that happens, automated robocalls and texts would be unstoppable by the TCPA. Imagine getting hundreds of unwanted or abusive calls and texts all day long!

Take a moment now to tell the FCC that any company that wants to robocall you should be required to:

  • Get your explicit permission in advance
  • Stop calling if they’ve reach the wrong person
  • Stop calling if you revoke your permission to receive robocalls

Tell the FCC: We don’t need more robocalls. They need to hear directly from consumers. Let them know how you’ve been harmed by robocalls. The deadline is this Thursday.

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to send your comment online. (Under proceeding(s) put the number 02-278.) 

Tell the FCC to protect your telephone consumer protection rights TODAY!

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